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With Guy Debord as a reference, this project encourages the ideology of randomness, drifting away and the search for emotional experiences. To express the idea, Manifesta’t comes with a statement of purpose and a visual study on psychogeography, followed by essays that make reflections on the city, getting lost and letting go.



While it is important to let your senses absorb the spaces that surround you, it is equally or more, to be in new ones accidentally bumped into. Pay attention to the smallest details, fragments, lost objects that make walking a reward in itself, in a slower pace and with opportunities to enjoy simple pleasures.

Society and globalization has conditioned us to live, to feel and to perceive. We walk along paths that have not been made by ourselves. We are guided by what is established, and what is given to us. The easiness of having everything available what we want has turned us into a no sense of belonging. We reiterate ourselves and that is why we need to break with the common to retrieve the essential, or maybe the ideal. We have ceased to love metropolis.

If the outer reality reflects on the inner intimacy, psychogeography is a proposal of situationism which seeks to understand the effects and forms of geographic environment on the emotions and behavior of individuals. One of the most popular strategies of psychogeography, while not the most important, is to let yourself drift away.


Made with Lorena Manhães
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